Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I realized that was B.S.

    1. I'm about to tell a tale of schemers who profit off the loneliness of men and women everywhere called! I recently just for access to some not so innocent web cam and pics paid a nominal fee of  $17.89 to Needless to say certain things began to register on my "this isn't rite"meter fairly quick.The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that being from a very small town I recognized not one person and the fact that we have a very very small African American population yet there were quite the few on this site.Next came the curious little detail of never having a profile view until after I viewed that particular persons profile!    
    2. After quite a few photo views and noticing these women were too perfect I started looking deeper into the bigger picture.Well low and behold I immediately noticed that quite a few of the women were in similar poses,using the same camera as a prop and the rooms,i.e. bathroom,living room and kitchen were identical leading me to the more than obvious conclusion that,well,they are models and nothing more,nothing less.
    3. The next little clue was certain descriptive terms being used.What American does anyone know that uses the term"wanker"to basically call   their ex a loser,jerk,etc..? Not me!There were other words but unfortunately they escape me at this present moment.
    4. No matter how many times I would get an e-mail or send one,the conversation never got past a few brief, and frankly boring as all get out, conversations. Then the errors in info and what not came.I had one girl say she was living in FLA. and the text on her profile said Texas but wait,it gets better,she says i read your profile and your perfect,I'm  god fearing ,loyal,want to settle down with kids and being that I'm very cold rite now(cold in Fla? happens but not that extreme) and mind you all the while my info was blank and before that it asked for a "no strings" fling period! So with all that combined with the one girl previous misspelling and whatnot so bad you could tell she was of eastern European decent or somewhere there abouts(Russian maybe) ! 
    5. So with everything sum and total I have not only cancelled  my subscription ,which was a task in itself,taking five e-mails before getting forceful in tone,to get that accomplished,I also asked that my money be refunded and profile completely wiped out or i would make it my mission to expose them as best as possible,which led to type my first blog at 33yrs old! Long story short instead of getting"lucky"i learned a new skill and hopefully can at the least save a lot of people money and on the extreme end i will try my hardest to shut them down!There in lays the big issue is the parent company who owns Rude finder .com not only owns many more such sites but will just change the name and cary on.
    6. Next project is to find out as many of the parent companies holdings as possible and expose them for what they are,a con-artist con-artist,scheisters of a magnitude only rivaled in our own government but Englishmen,even worse I say!                                                                                                                                              Thank you for taking the time to read this and please spread the word around!